Terms and Conditions

The customer agrees and accepts that there may be changes in the provided time line in case of eventualities which are beyond our control.

We would endeavour to provide our best services in the agreed time frame, in case of any changes in the agreed time frame, prior information would be provided to the customer.

We would not be responsible in anyway whatsoever for the no-show invitees due to any reason.

Customer agrees and accepts that we may be required to avail third party engagements.

Customer agrees and accepts that there may be time differences shown during the real-time tracking and the actual time taken to reach a given destination.

Customer agrees and accepts that the price/consideration of the services quoted on the website or otherwise is exclusive of taxes and all applicable taxes would be billed separately to the Customer and are payable by them.

Customer agrees and accepts that it would be responsibility of the Customer to provide their GSTIN number wherever applicable before the invoicing of the services rendered by us and we would not revise the invoice on this account solely.

In case of any change in the design, material, content or change in overall invites or timelines including but not limited to add on gifts, trousseau etc. after the commencement of our services, the Customer agrees and accepts that the distribution timelines and conditions of the distribution would be accordingly revised and communicated and no refunds would be allowed.

Customer agrees and accepts that we are pure distribution solution providers and are not engaged in providing any invites/gifts/packing materials or any other similar goods/materials, however, we may arrange the same for the Customer on specific requirement by connecting with third party vendors. In such a case, we hold no responsibility of timely, accurate and desirable delivery of the said goods by the third party vendors and shall charge the Customer on actual basis.

The Customer agrees that the price of the distribution services shall vary upon fragility, design and size of the cards.

We would endeavour to abide by specific protocols and procedure received from the Customers for distribution however we are not bound by the same.

Any amount received towards our services would be not-refundable and non- adjustable.

We would only receive orders which are above INR 1,000/- or 10 cards/deliveries, whichever is higher.

We would only commence our services for each agreed milestone once the advance payment is realised in our account.

In case of cancellation of our services at any juncture the Customer would be liable to bear and shall keep us reimbursed for all the expenses incurred for provision of our services.

It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to provide us the order of preference for distribution and the time lines.

In case of any urgency the Customer agrees to inform us well in advance by an email to (_____________) enabling us to make suitable arrangements which would be subject to best possible resources available at our disposal and/or quantum of delivery is subjected.